Google is extending its work from home

google work from home

Because of this Pandemic a lot of things is been changing around the world.

Now a lot of people avoid going out, meeting people or any of the public event. Now Work from home is also important part of peoples life.

A lot of tech companies like Twitter, Google, TCS, and many other companies are giving work from home to there employees in order to protect them.

Initially this work from home was quite difficult for few people to coup up. Now most of the employees are comfortable with it.

In India telecom companies are giving extra data to there user and have some special data pack for the users. So that they can work seamlessly in there working hours.

Due to current scenario Google is extending its Work From Home.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai officially reported that the organization is giving its employees a option to work from home until July 2021.

The decision came considering the deteriorating COVID-19 crisis and is applicable to all Google representatives who are not required in office.

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