Customer Avatar- Internship Class 2


Focus is the key to success and distraction is more harmful to the brain than drugs. The only way to remember is by the process of learning, doing, and, teaching. Teaching can help one understand and remember things in a better way. Mistakes are key to success and one must learn from owns mistakes.

Marketing is all about creating good conversation and making the other person feel important. The more you converse with people the better you will be as a marketer. It’s very important to understand as a marketer to whom I’m talking to and what kind of value do I create with the product and service that I provide as an entrepreneur. Being authentic is another way of becoming a good communicator as the world is full of fake people with social personas. Everyone is attracted to real personas.

Marketing not only about theoretical or practical applications but it is more than that. Developing outbound skills adds a lot to one’s personal development. This can be done by upskilling new skills like learning an instrument or traveling or learning a new language. This helps one to dive into their self and discover their true potential hidden within.

It’s more than marketing than digital. People go gaga over digital marketing but not understanding that its basic is rooted in marketing. Reading good authors like Roberto Cialdini, Seth Godin, Simon Sinek can give one a fundamental and basic knowledge about marketing.

A term is widely synonymous in marketing called Target Group which is defined in the class as a “customer avatar”. Customer Avatar is more about leaning customer psychographics and demographics. Psychographics is more about psychological it depends on the customer’s interest, emotions, values, attitude whereas demographic level depends on age, sex, education level, birth, and death rate of a nation.
Dividing customers at both the psychological and demographical levels help a marketer to choose the right set of customers. A marketer should not target all customers this drains a lot of money, time, and energy. Before segmenting and targeting customers all well-designed products or services should be kept at disposal.

Knowing the right communication platform is important to target customers. This can be done via social media channels, emails, SMS, blogs and webinars. But SMS and emails provide comfort to the user, that’s, why, it’s more powerful than any other channel.

Most people at work, work, because of stress and sitting down for long hours. This makes one unhealthier, sicker and age faster. But, this can be flipped around- This is a myth that spending hours inside the gym can make you fitter, but, spending 30 mins per week is enough to get fit. Spending more time in the gym can cause strain on muscles and increases injury. People can adapt to a super slow training program.

After acquiring leads it’s important for a marketer to ask customers why in the first place they got the product or service. This gives a chance to improve quality and to focus on the center than on the broader side.

Further during the class, an example was shown on how to find the customer avatar. A typo form was to fill all attendees present during the webinar along with calling a student and asking questions. After the poll was taken, the results of the poll were shown to all present during the season.

My customer avatar is one who is working professionals and students. They suffer from multi-diseases as they don’t get time to workout. To overcome this challenge- The program will be designed to provide both weight training and cardio training.

This is doing a specific set of exercises- these are chest press for chest, lat pulldown for the back, shoulder overhead press for shoulders, mid-row for back and leg press for the legs. This training is called super slow strength protocols and is inspired by the book- Body By Science. This transformation takes 1-2 years with a proper diet.

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