Internship Program by Digital Deepak — Day 1

Digital Marketing

Communication has been the most important landscape for Marketing. People come from different backgrounds and have a different level of understanding and expertise in the language “English”. Regular practice of reading and writing can improve one’s level of understanding and mastering the language. People who are beginners can start by reading newspapers or read novels or listen to daily podcasts.

The program started with the basics of rules and regulations about the assignment submission, evaluation, and grading. It further emphasized the practical and theoretical approach to the entire internship program- With certain rules and guidelines for students to follow.

The second part of the program emphasized -“Finding the gold”- understanding the market need and designing the product to fulfill the market need is the utmost important part for an entrepreneur. People have a misconception of the availability of the demand for products. With the rise of developing one product, there, is a need for other products or services to solve the problem. Further, few, concepts of global economics were taught during the program.

Automation will destroy a lack of jobs, this creates anxiety. But digital marketing will not die as marketing will not die. It is a combination of marketing and technology. It is the most simplified way of doing marketing. Further during the class, it was explained how integrated digital marketing works and selecting a niche with SEO, SEM, PPC, Social media and Content marketing revolves around.

At last, the assignment was explained with some keyword tools like SEMRush, Moz, Ubbersuggest, and Live dome with practical exposure was given on each assignment. Moz and Ahrefs were highly recommended during the lecture. Google trend one of the best tools developed by google shows trends over time and gives a comparison over a niche.

A sample assignment was given to every student so as one gets an idea of the assignment. Overall the experience of the class helped me bring a lot of clarity to the subject and was educating. It cleared a lot of misconceptions and solved problems. A few good books were recommended during the season. I look forward to learn from Deepak sir and choose sir as my mentor.

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