Internship Session 6

This is the 6th session of the first internship program and the class was interactive and have learned a lot throughout this journey.

The agenda of the class started with understanding and exploring tools and generate leads using it. 

MailChimp is a marketing automation tool and an email marketing service. One can create campaigns around and generate leads using the platforms available at their disposal. In this season, a landing page was asked to design to generate leads for the upcoming internship program. On the platform different dashboards are available for designing landing page templates. 

A separate excel sheet is made where all the data collected from the landing page will be stored. A seperate account with an account name is created. 

This excel sheet and MailChimp is integrated with zapier. Zapier is an automation platform and it is designed to integrate platforms to make work simplify. This will automatically connect the platforms together and collect all data. 

Any kind of information or lead can be shared with zapier within the platform. 

These tools are interesting to use and they automate work and simplyfy life.

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