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I subscribed to Digital Deepak’s course and the content, of course, has been designed carefully to educate digital marketers with regular updates across all channels of digital marketing.

The course starts with the basics of digital marketing and then it moves toward all channels of digital marketing including 100 days of blogging, Facebook ads, email marketing, google ads, Seo, start-up courses for entrepreneurs, Affiliate marketing and digital marketing tools.

But, I, use digital marketing mastery tools on a daily go.

Tools are something you can’t miss as a Digital marketer!!

Tools such as Instapage, Zapier, Unbounce, Typeform, Canva, Mindnode, OptinMonster, Google Analytics, Hotjar, Google data studio and many more. The tools are taught from scratch and any change in the interface and use of the tools, is, updated.

As a professional digital marketer, tools, are something that you cant avoid using. You need it everyday!!

The problem lies with its updates and new tools emerging every day in the market!!

As new tools are released every day!! It creates confusion, so, as which tools to use or not!!

I get everything under one roof at a reasonable price for just Rs999!!

The price at which i got the course is justified. I’m sure the same course will be more expensive on other channels!!

I got it on a sale but the actual price of the course is Rs5999!!

There are discount given on a regular basis!!

The service is just amazing!!

If you are an E-mail marketer you will get updates and videos on ActiveCampaign and Convertkit.

Or, if, you are an analyst or performance marketer, running social media ads or google ads is something you have to do every day. Analytics tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar and Google data studio are something you can’t miss!! And with google updates every day, it, difficult to keep up with the pace!!

SEO tools like Google Search Console, Moz, Ahrefs are covered too!!
Learning management system, Webhosting and cloud storage and video making tools are covered, too!!

To me, every Digital Marketer must have the course with them. No, one in the market, I, have seen doing a great favor to marketers like us!!

The latest edition of the tools course is out!!

You can buy the whole course and it won’t cost you much!!

It’s a one-time investment you can do for yourself!!

You can join an internship program too!!

Youll learn things from scratch- You learn how to run ads on all channels to optimizing and auditing it. You can use tools too and learn how it’s used in live projects.

Apart from that, you can gain knowledge of SEO, SEM, Analytics, zapier, Email marketing, and social media.

If you are new to this field its recommended having a personal blog or a website. You can apply all your learnings on one platform and learn things on your own!!

You need to be punctual with posting content on a regular basis!!

But, I would recommend you to start with 100 day blogging course!!

Everyone can do it- It is just being disciplined and learning from mistakes!!

So, What are you waiting for?

Grab your hands with the mastery tools and impress your boss and stay ahead of your game!!

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