India received 1st lot of Rafale jet


A long time after India inked an arrangement with France for 36 Rafale planes, the primary lot of five planes took off from Merignac airbase in Bordeaux today, introducing another stage in reciprocal ties of the two nations.

They will land in India on July 29, in the wake of covering a distance of 7,000 kilometers. During the journey, the planes will have just one stop-over UAE.

India signed ₹5000 crore deal for Rafale jet

India had inked a Rs. 59,000 crore deal with the France in 2016 to obtain customized planes.

Planned for improving the Indian Air Force’s armada, the Rafale planes have Israeli Israeli helmet-mounted displays, radar cautioning collectors, and low-band jammers. A 10-hour flight information recording and infra-red hunt additionally add to its wonder.

On its part, IAF has finished the arrangements to accommodate these planes.

Because of the recent event, Rafale jet will add some power to the Indian air force. Although Indian Airforce is trained enough to shot F16 with a MIG-21

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