IPL governing body is reviewing the sponsorship deal

Due to recent events, the IPL governing body is looking into its sponsorship deal with the Chinese mobile company Vivo.

This came after Indo-China standoff in the Galwan Valley.

BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said the board may analyze sponsorship policy, yet has no plan to end the ties with IPL’s title sponsor.

“When you talk emotionally, you tend to leave the rationale behind. We have to understand the difference between supporting a Chinese company for a Chinese cause or taking help from a Chinese company to support India’s cause,” Dhumal said.

Vivo is not only the title sponsor they also have there own separate box in the stadium and another bunch of things. From all this BCCI is earning a huge amount of money.

If they lose VIVO they will be losing a great amount of money.

China Money in Indian Cricket

The Chinese cell phone brand ‘Vivo’ got the sponsorship rights for 5 years for Rs 2,199 crore.

One more Chinese brand ‘Oppo’ was supporting the Indian cricket team until September a year ago, when ‘Byju’s’ replaced it.

All around the globe most of the league or teams are sponsored by the Chinese companies.

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