Watch: Bahrain F1 Highlights


Bahrain F1 took place on 29 November. It is a first night race of this season. Covid-19 pandemic affected the full session of the Formula 1 Season.

This was the first race of the session in Asia as well.

Race Grid Start

Lewis Hamilton started the race followed by his teammate Bottas and the Redbull driver Max Verstappen was in 3rd place.

Race was started on time. As soon as the race started a red flag was shown because of a severe accident on the turn 3 involving one of the HAAS driver.

Romain Grosjean was the one who was involved in the accident. All thanks to the ground staff and the medical who were on the time to save the HAAS driver.

Watch 2020 F1 accident

Romain is safe but he suffered a lot of injuries, on the same night F1 shared the details about the health of the diver.

We wish Romain a speedy recovery.

Formula 1 is one of the most dangerous motorsports. But in last few years there were a lot of developments regarding the safety of the drivers.

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