What is European Super League?

European Super League

Currently most of the countries are following there own current league structure, like England has English Premier League, Germany has Bundesliga, Italy has Seria A and Spain has Laliga.

So according to the current structure top 4 team will play in UEFA Champions League and the team who finished 5th will compete in UEFA Europa league.

Because of this ongoing pandemic situation, most of the clubs are in huge losses. Most of the clubs earn money in different ways. Like T-shirt sponsors, TV broadcasts,s and matchday tickets. It is been more than a year since the matches are without spectators.

So the clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Man City, ManU, Chelsea, Tottenham, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Juventus, Liverpool are the clubs who decided to create this European super league.

German and French clubs decided not to join such leagues.

Initially most of the clubs agreed to join the league by releasing a following statement

UEFA and FIFA both were ready to take strict action against all these clubs and the player evolving in the league. They decided that all the players who are playing for these club will be barred from playing world up, euros and other tournament involving countries.

For the clubs UEFA decided that all the club will be striped off from the titles they have won and they will not be allowed to play any further in the champions league and the Europa league.

So after 48 hours long drama all the english club decided not to take participate in this league.

This happend because of a lot of backlash from the fans and the other clubs like Leeds United.

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